1. Having a friend does seem like it would make your child’s adjustment to kindergarten easier. My nephew is really shy and it would make him feel more comfortable if he knew someone there already. I know that it would also make my sister feel more peace of mind leaving him at kindergarten as well.

  2. Thank you so much for listing these 10 tips, because I am starting my oldest son in Kindergarten in late July. I know that I still have a few more months before then, but I just get nervous thinking about it. However, I really like how you waited until both of your daughters could go to school together. My other son is 20 months younger than my oldest one, but do you think that that is too long of a period to wait for them to be together?

    • Hi Faylinn, You’re welcome. My youngest daughter is about 14 months younger than my oldest girl, I don’t think 20 months is too long to wait. Even if you put your son into Kindergarten 2 or 1 month before your youngest boy comes of age to attend. Which may work out well for you because once your oldest boy gets familiar and settled in, the transition for your younger baby will be easier. When my youngest girl saw that her older sister was settled, she became settled as well. Good luck and wish you all the best with this big step. They grow so fast!!!

  3. Surviving the first day of kindergarten are what my wife and I would need to learn more about. This year, our daughter would be going to school the first time. What type of materials and tools should she bring to class during her first day?

    • Hi Andre, materials and tools will depend on the Kindergarten you enrol your daughter into. However, I would definitely encourage parents to pack spare clothing because Kindergarten can sometimes get real messy (painting, paper mache, water etc) All the best to you, your wife and your daughter.

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