1. Janneke

    Hey Janet!

    I have thrown some awesome Christmas tantrums which thankfully I also grew out of. I look at it now and am so disappointed with my rude, expectant attitude as a pre teen/teenager. Last year we came close to a tantrum in our growing family, it became our first Christmas “sulk”. We are used to others sulking on Christmas Day – not one of our kids.

    We are trying to simplify Christmas and to make sure as a family we know what we celebrate and why.

    On our ride to school this morning one of our kids said – “I want a hover board” and another said “I want a motorcycle”. Neither of those requests were going to be granted (infact I refuse to take requests – you get what you get and if you don’t like it, you still say thank you). It became a great opportunity to talk about Chrismas – the time we celebrate Christs birth.

    The inspired question was “who gets the present on their birthday?” They all answered the person whose birthday it is. Inspired question #2 “then why should you get gifts on The Saviours birthday?” With shock, they contemplated the possibility of no gifts for Christmas. Inspired question #3 “don’t you think we should think of something to give the Saviour?”
    And that is our direction for Christmas 2015. What will we give the Saviour. I have no idea what physical gifts we are giving our kids but I’m grateful for the chance to make sure the tantrum cycle doesn’t become rooted in our Christmas.

    • Great questions Janneke! I am definitely going to save them for my children. Even though my girls are still toddlers, I’ve found that I have to teach them now about the true meaning of Christmas, Christ’s birth and giving service before its too late, before the presents and the material festivities of Christmas take over. Thank you for your wonderful addition Janneke.

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